Foundations of Digital Games Conference Cruise

The FDG conference was on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas in 2009. The thing about a cruise is that there is a continuous flow of free food everywhere you look on board the ship. We tried to get out and get active during our shore leave but we still plumped up during this trip.

The conference was great, you can read more about it here. Now, let’s concentrate about the travel part of this trip.

Our stops were in Nassau, Bahamas and Castaway Cay (a Disney-owned island tailored to a cruise ship experience). We had fun in Nassau, rented a scooter, drove on the left side of the road, and buzzed south of town a bit to check out some different beaches, an old fort, and to eat conch. In general we found Nassau to be somewhat underwhelming, dirty, hectic, and a bit overpriced.

Castaway Cay on the other hand was fantastic. We originally were a bit skeptical of this ‘inauthentic’ Caribbean island but it is Disney and they carved it into a very relaxing, picturesque vacation spot with lots to do and the standard cruise-ship amenities of food and drinks everywhere. We rented bikes, strolled up the island, got ice cream which we ate from beach chairs with our feet in the ocean, swung from a hammock with drinks with umbrellas, and ate RIBS from the BBQ.

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